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For fun I take photos of my animals, and friends. And even someday whenever I feel like it I drawling a few things here and there.
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Rikku duh!
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:iconhikawaiiplz: HIHI

My name is Rikku!
Age: Old enough to get drunk! ;3
Relationship statues: Taken! :iconkitty-mayhem::iconbladedcrow:
Current Residence: Fucking Florida, (shits so hot now -_-)
Favorite cartoon character: Rikku, duh! XD

Likes: Animals, chocolate, and kyoot things, techo.
Dislikes: Mean people. >:[

If you want to become friends, start by making conversation! <3

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Llama for Llama anyone?

Hello Amazing Watchers!
   A little late, oh well, not sure what the new hot website is, but I wanted my work to get out there more, so 
I've decided to activity my Tumblr account, which isn't
 hard as I remember it to be, but I also have a friend helping me with each step, hah.

Well any whose here it is, please check me out, and if you’re not already watch me!

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I am also in the half process of making a Facebook account too, some bones I need to pick out, but hopefully it won’t take too much longer.

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update 9/22/2014

    So... My baby, Bam has yet been home, he is still at the Vet all this time, only becuase they wanted to make sure he keeps up with with his bathroom habits. They try the special kind of cat food, but that didn't work, so they try this new 
medicine that is supposed to help his lower body feel whenever he goes to the bathroom and help him, they try that two days ago, and whenever I'd called the Vet today he told me he has went to the bathroom all of his own. So that means this special medicine from cover the counter at CVS is helping. Now I can't get him home just yet but I do hope I get to get him home soon, his birthday is 6 days away, and I hope he doesn't have to spend it a the vet.

new update

So sorry about the lack of updates, real life has been hitting me even harder these past few days, and not just with Bammers.

        But back to Bam.

    On the 15, 2014, I woke up to smelling poop! Bam had passed some poop, but whenever we too him to the vet, the vet was busy so we had to drop him off and call them after. This is the news we got:
    "Yes he has pooped a lot, but there is still more inside him that needs to come out. We can gas your cat and try to...basically give him an enema." Of course we said yes, and they went right into it. We didn’t have the money but my sister was nice enough to stop by and pay the rest of Bam’s bills. Luckily they told us we could wait till after the surgery to pay them, but I wanted it done as soon as possible.
    So whenever my sister went there less then 2 hours after they called us, she paid them and found out that his surgery went great. All the smelly old poop was out of him and he was feeling great. 

    On 9/16/2014, I thought I was going to be able to pick up Bam but whenever we gave them a call, the vet told me she wanted to keep Bam until Saturday, just to make sure he was all good. I was upset but got to visit my boy. He was happy to see me and he also used the restroom a lot too.

    And now today, 9/17/2014, when I called for my check up a few hours ago, dhe told me he was great, happy, and he hadn’t pooped yet today, but not to worry about it. She's also ordering special cat food to help with his digestive tract so I hope it works. If it does, on Saturday he will be able to come home. She just wants to make sure there isn’t any complications with his surgery and that he digests his food.

End edits

(Sorry this is so late, I've work the morning half and spend the other half on the floor with Bam.)

    Nothing much to say about today. Bam still hasn't pooped yet, which is upsetting, but tomorrow we are going to the vet first thing in the morning, around 9 when they open, and see what needs to be done. I am sure it will be surgery, which I am not looking forward to, but if it's what needs to be done, then we'll do it.
I love him and if he isn't suffering and won't be in the future, then I will pay the price to keep him alive.
Sure I sound crazy, but I am no different then a man trying to save his wife, daughter, son, etc. The love I have for Bam and that he has for me is strong. I was there when he was first born, and I will be there when he leaves this life.
He's my best friend. I had trouble making friends all throughout middle school as well as half of high school, and well, he didn't care if I was poor, rich, skinny, fat, smelly, or whatever. He loved me. And honestly I don't think I will ever get that type of relationship I have with him with anyone or anything else.
    And I am not ready to give that up.
        Wish us luck tomorrow!

end edit
By The Way, there is a photo in here that is gross, because it's Bam after his surgery.

    Well I went to work today expecting to not get to see my baby until Monday, sense the vet closed at 1 today and I didn't get off until 2:30, but around 10ish they gave me a call saying that they wanted Bam to come home with me for the weekend and to come back Monday for a check up. I was so excited. I rushed out of work to go get him as soon as I could. We went home and got the cage set up with soft towels and a very comfortable pillow. I had to run back to work after, hah.

    He is still very constipated and we got some medicine and laxatives (tuna flavored) to give him, but if by Monday he hasn't pooped then he goes into the vet for more surgey to get it all cleaned out. To me it didn't seem like much, but the vet was worried about how his sensitive body would handle it, and so now I am just hoping the medicine starts working, because she didn't seem so confident about it. It's never a good feeling to be constipated, so I want my baby comfortable.

    After he gets cleaned out of the waste in his belly, then we are switching to good cat food that won't make him constipated anymore. I've never had a cat who'd had this happen, so I got super worried.
    But I know he can make it.

Bam butt. by Kitty-MayhemUntitled by Kitty-Mayhem
(Sad and gross side note)

    This is him a few minutes ago, resting and purring up a storm. His bottom half looks really weird, but it's because whenever he was a kitten, he got ran over by a car and had his tail ripped out of him. We never new how or why, and he only had like a 3% or -3% chance of living...welp, that was about 8 years ago, do how about that for a 3% chance!? XD But this is why I spoke before whenever I first wrote this journal, my baby is on borrowed time...
Also the gauze isn't in his butt hole, it's in the cut on his leg close to it, which I still have no idea how it got there. DX But it's only there to help heal for awhile before he is finished getting sewn up. He's a good cat and doesn't mess with it so he isn't force to wear a cone (which I know makes him thrilled).

    Thanks again for those prays and the happy thoughts we really need them and appreciate them as well.

end new edit


    First off, thank you so much for all the sweet thoughts and prayers for Bam, him and I both appreciate them.
    Secondly, Bam's surgery went great, I received good news and bad news from the vet today. The good news is that his surgery went great. They got his cut cleaned and sewn up. They also got all the maggots that were in him out.
Still, I have no idea how I never noticed that. -__- it was gross, and I feel awful for him. BUT all that is out now and he is all clean of maggots.
    The bad news is that he got an X-ray done, and it turns out he is pretty badly constipated, and now they have to try to push all of that feces out of his body.
    I'm sure it won't be fun, but at least this is taking a step closer to making him feel better.

    So now I wait till tomorrow for the updates.   I do hope Monday I will get to take my baby home, I've missed him pretty badly.

    Please keep sending good thoughts his way!

End new edit

Bam! by Kitty-MayhemLook my cat in HD by Kitty-Mayhem

    I new something was wrong.  I just hope I made it in time.  Please send good wish to my baby Bam, he is at the Vet right now very sick.  I feel like an awful human letting him get this sick with out noticing it whenever it first happen.
I really hate going to cons, something bad happens to my animals.
Either they are missing, they got in a huge fight and cuts and bleeding everywhere and more.  It makes me hate  going to them, or at least coming back from them.
Please just pray or just send good thoughts,  Bam has been throw a lot in his life. In 17 days, Sept 28, 2014  He is going to turn 13 years old.  and NOW he is living off of 'borrow time' right now after all he has been through, with his tail being rip out, his 2 nails being torn off, his eyes doing his eye thing. Really he look amazing for going throw all of that.

    I just know he can push throw this, I just know he is! But a little extra wishes for my baby would be nice.

~End Edit~

    You know what?

I don't always get them, but when I do it's never a good sign.
Even if it's a bad sign, it normal means I have time to stop it, or help make it less horrible, which I am grateful.
Thanks guts. For the most..part of the time being there whenever I really needed you.
  • Mood: Optimism

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